Alan Shanoff – Human rights code too vague

The Sault Star – Alan Shanoff – Human rights code too vague

The highly publicized debate between Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, highlights the serious flaws underlying human rights codes in Canada.

Obama has denounced Wright for “giving comfort to those who prey on hate.” This followed Wright’s claims the United States government may have been behind the AIDS epidemic in an effort to harm black people, that U.S. terrorism sparked the Sept. 11 attacks and that Louis Farrakhan was one of the most important voices of the last century.

Wright believes attacks on him constitute “an attack on the black community.” Others have come forward to say the attack on Wright is an attack on not only the black community but also the black church and an attempt to marginalize the “legitimate concerns” and “political aspirations of black Americans.”

Now if this had taken place in Canada, anybody, regardless of their colour or race, could file a complaint with the Canadian or any provincial human rights commission.

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