The Lying Jackals maudlin sychophant speaks…

My comment on Johnny Maudlins blog, I won’t link to it but I do have a screen shot.

Blazing Cat Fur said…

You clearly took the Brown Acid didn’t you Johnny?

“Mark Steyn has been under attack, of late, as is the Canadian magazine Maclean’s, where he writes a regular column. Maclean’s magazine published excerpts from Steyn’s book and Mohamed Elmasry, the leader of the Canadian Islamic Congress, filed a complaint with the human rights commision, claiming that Steyn’s writing exposes Muslims to hatred. Elmasry also named bloggers Kate McMillan and Kathy Shaidle, in his complaint. They are alleged to have re printed Steyn’s column on their websites.”

There you are making specious claims about the racism of others and you can’t even get a few simple facts straight. For the record dead-head Kate and Kathy are not named in Elmasrys HRC complaint. God are you addled.

Here’s Johnny….Just when you thought leftists couldn’t get any stupider