How craven a schmuck do you have to be ,to be a liberal?

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Alan Baker Israeli Ambassador – asks in the interview whether the growing numbers of Muslims in Canada will “absorb” themselves into Canadian society, or “push” their values and principles onto Canadians.

“And this is the gist of the problem,” Baker said in the interview with the Globe.

Khaled Mouammar of the Canadian Arab Federation responds & accuses Baker of trying to sew “division” and “bigotry” in Canada.

“It’s up to our government to make it clear that they will not tolerate such behaviour,” Khaled Mouammar, the federation’s national president, told CTV’s Newsnet on Thursday in Toronto.

Craven Liberal MP & Schmuck Bob Rae Weighs in: “I think Ambassador Baker should reflect on his comments because I don’t think they were either accurate or constructive,” Rae told CTV News on Thursday.”

Khaled Mouammar is the same Jew-Baiter who targetted Rae’s wife a Vice President of the Canadian Jewish Congress:

Bob Rae was the target of anti-Semitic attacks during the Liberal leadership contest, motivated at least in part by the fact that his wife is Jewish.

Liberals, Liberals, Liberals – just how many votes are you expecting CAF to cough up there Bob?