Oh yea it’s that Darren Lund… again

You’ll all remember Darren Lund from – “9/11 happened because we didn’t respect Islam” or from Darren Lund – the “Selective Human Rights Activist” who runs an Anti-Christian Hate Site .

Well Darren Lund is up for an Award of Excellence sponsored by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) – Ezra has more about these frauds here.

Lund is nominated for his co-editorship of The Great White North Project: Exploring Whiteness, Privilege, Racism and Identity in Canada?, a collection of essays on white privilege and racism by Dr. Darren Lund (and Dr. Paul Carr) of the University of Calgary.


Supported for centuries by the Christian religion and the drive to expand the empire, White people have colonized and ravaged much of the planet. see pg 15.

It gets worse, but you get the gist, White people bad, Christians bad – this sort of Marxist tripe wins Lund friends among the race hustlers of the CRRF. This is the ideology of our Human Rights Kommissars.

And a well researched and scholarly work it is, Ward Churchill & the Lying Jackal are both cited as sources – see pg.28.