Macleans to Mohamed “Jew Hater” Elmasry – Take a flyin leap at a rollin goat

We believe that a sincere attempt to settle this matter would have involved a direct and timely approach to Maclean’s rather than a press conference and public ultimatum eighteen months after the publication of Mr. Steyn’s piece. But rather than approaching this magazine for the purposes of conciliation, Mr. Joseph and his clients publicly impugned our journalists at a press conference, tactics sharply at odds with their stated goal of reaching an amicable resolution.

While we have no interest in negotiating with the CIC for the withdrawal of its complaints, we remain committed to fostering free and open discussion of important public issues. Maclean’s would be pleased to host a public debate at a neutral venue between Mr. Steyn and Mohamed Elmasry, head of the CIC and the complainant in both the B.C. and federal investigations. The debate would cover issues raised by Mr. Steyn’s original article as well as the CIC’s decision to resort to human rights commissions. We are sure that such an event would be interesting and informative, and we would publish a transcript of the debate either in the magazine or on our website.

The Rest

The only supporters of Jew Hater Elmasry & his Macleans lawfare complaints are the Sock Puppets, their Islamist Jihadist buddies, Lying Jackal, Big City Stooge, Johnny Maudlin, Cherniak & “Mass Graves” Dawg, plus a few other left wing extremists, and that ain’t anyone’s idea of a dream team. It is appalling that anyone could be so driven by their corrupt ideology as to actually voice support for this Islamist thuggery. Moral Relativism has rendered them truly delusional, it must be a form of mental illness, nothing else explains it.

Update: YouTube footage of the Steyn Sock Puppet Showdown.

Plus: The Muttering Muslim’s only partly right

One of the better points Khurrum made off-air was that this is the first (federal) “human rights” complaint by a Muslim group, and that when it was just the Jews and gays milking this racket we didn’t have any of this talk about scrapping Section 13 and abolishing the commissions. And he’s right. Which is why the Canadian Jewish Congress position is untenable.