And then my head exploded…

The sock-puppets made fools of themselves, Khurrum Awan, Naseem Mithoowani & Muneeza Sheikh lied so frequently that a transcript will be required to list them all.

Rightgirl notes in: You’re comparing Ernst Zundel with Orianna Fallaci?

You know, I was at last week’s press conference, and I noticed something about this boy, Khurrum Awan: He talks to himself. In public. When cameras are on him. He bobs his head around, and mouths words. Is he praying? Is he strapped with C-4, just waiting to be pushed over the edge, so he can jump up, give a roaring Allahu Akbar, and pull the detonation pin? He is a lawyer-to-be. Will he behave like this in court? Because I think the cast of Boston Legal already has the rights to such a quirky character.

Muslim debating secrets revealed during “best 60 minutes of Canadian television ever

Deborah Gyapong: TVO Roundup

Jay Currie weighs in.

Daily Bayonet takes a stab.

Does anyone know if a transcript or a DVD of the show will be available?

From Steyn on Breakenridge show: “The Lying Jackal is a clapped out old spin master” Heh.