Muslims, don’t shun multiculturalism

TAHIR ASLAM GORA -The Hamilton Spectator-Muslims, don’t shun multiculturalism

Despite having a heavy feeling about this alienation at grass-roots levels, Canada’s intelligentsia exhibit political correctness at all forums for fear of being labelled as racists.

Canadian society should help Muslims become integrated with the core values of Canada rather than encouraging their religious alienation.

This country’s society is based on a separation of religion and state. But when it comes to applying this core value to Muslims, policymakers start mixing religion with state affairs.

It is sad our secular colleges and universities are allocating special facilities to growing Muslim student groups to promote their religious services. Unfortunately, these religious services on campuses eventually lead to or are dominated by fundamentalist ideologies.

Why don’t campuses make clear to all religious groups that campuses promote harmony and secularism, not religious segregation? This is not racism or a bad message. It’s a more appropriate direction.

By keeping our core values intact in our institutions we may help to maintain our secular position with all growing communities.

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