Lest ol’ acquaintence be forgot

Jay Currie has more on Kevin Annett, the whacko behind the false “Mass Graves” allegations some on the left have bought hook,line and sinker.

“Dawg has swallowed the Indian mass grave story whole and taken a few shots at Kate and Kathy for daring to doubt it. I have to admit this is not the sort of story I pay much attention to. Horrible things happened, they still do but not because of residential schools, move on….Until I read that an old acquaintance of mine, Kevin Annett was the paranoid lunatic behind the stories. I posted this comment in response to a commentor, Larry Gambone, who wrote of Annett “I have known Kevin Annett since he was 18 years old. He is one of the most honest and decent individuals I have ever encountered.”

The rest. But remember don’t you dare deny this story or nasty names will be hurled at you.

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Terry Glavins report is here: Truth and Native Abuse