Faisal Joseph, Lawyer to the Islamist Sock Puppets pops off again

Jurist – University of Pittsburg School of Law – Protecting Vulnerable Minorities in Canada: Muslims in the Mass Media by Faisal Joseph

JURIST Special Guest Columnist Faisal Joseph, counsel for a group of Canadian law students who recently filed human rights complaints against the Canadian newsmagazine Maclean’s for its refusal to publish a response to a string of articles allegedly targeting Muslim Canadians, says that a gaping hole in the Ontario Human Rights Code leaves minority groups having little or no public voice without a remedy for redressing group defamation and racism disseminated in the mass media …

Lots o bullshit here but have a read – plus they have comments! Moderated but comments are allowed;)

Yup Comments are allowed;)

Mr. Joseph, tell us why do you claim to represent the Law students when in fact the Human Rights complaints were filed by Mohamed Elmasry of the Canadian Islamic Congress. The students are merely sock-puppets for Elmasry,

This is the same Mohamed Elmasry who publicly stated that all Israeli Citizens over the age of 18 were legitimate targets I believe? You can read the transcript here:

Why not tell us about the students attempts to extort money from Macleans? We would all like to hear about that.

What do you say to this statement by the Muslim Canadian Congress that the Ontario Human Rights Commission has been infiltrated by by individuals sympathetic to the CIC and whose goal is to implement Sharia Law?

You can read about that here in this document: MCC shocked at OHRC decision to trumpet Islamist cause