Jonathan Kay on the hate speech experts at the Canadian Islamic Congress

Jonathan Kay on the hate speech experts at the Canadian Islamic Congress

Don’t you love the hypocrisy of it all?

The folks at the Canadian Islamic Congress purport to be the arbiters of what can and can’t be said in this country. The CIC and its sock-puppet co-complainants are the ones who hauled Maclean’s before various human-rights commissions in a bid to force the magazine to publish its Islamist propaganda. And the CIC regularly berates the media — and Canadian society in general — for the sin of Islamophobia. Just last week, the group put on a press conference in Toronto repeating such claims and demanding, yet again, that Maclean’s publish its agitprop — or else.

Not a week has passed since that event. But the CIC has moved on. Today, the group’s national president, Mohammed Elmasry, published an article on the CIC’s web site about “Zionist Israel at 60.” Not “Israel” — “Zionist Israel.” Elmasry, the country’s self-appointed judge of all that is hateful, is himself so full of hate for the Zionist entity (as Arab politicians like to call it) that he cannot speak the country’s name without using the Z-word.

The article is not yet on the CIC web site. But I have received it by email, and have pasted it, in its entirety, below. My favourite line is the one that comes right off the top: “On May 15 this year, Zionists the world over will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of a state for-Jews-only in Palestine. Throughout the short but turbulent history of this Jewish state, its Zionist governments have resorted to ethnically cleansing Palestinian natives in order to maintain the racial “purity” of their nation.”

Reality check: Israel is 16% Arab — and, trust me, the Arab citizens would laugh in your face if you offered them the chance to move out of “Jews-only” Israel and into one of the surrounding Arab dictatorships.

The rest.