Interactive game: “Who wants to be a Human Rights guru?”

11. Interactive game: “Who wants to be a Human Rights guru?” (No qualifications necessary just a desire to trample the rule of law and undermine democracy!)

Wow can’t wait for that fun filled happening! That’s on day 3 of Cashgrab er I mean CASHRA 2008 (Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies). Yes there will be thrills chills and collectivist group-think galore at this years meeting of the Human Rights Rackateers June 15th to 17th, 2008.

It’s a 4 day festival of Politically Correct Fascism being paid for with your tax dollars. All the usual suspects will be in attendance: Barbara “Macleans is guilty” Hall, Pearl Eliadis, and Wahida Valiante of the Canadian Islamic Congress.

Cost to you, cause these moochers ain’t payin for it themselves:

Full conference registration…………………………. $485 per person
One-day conference registration (Day 2 OR 3).. $250 per person

*Please note: Hotel accommodations are not included in the conference fee.

Oh! How thoughtful! They do have a reduced rate plan, for the poor and downtrodden.

1. Full Conference Registration………………………………… $130
2. One-day Conference Registration (Day 2 OR 3)………. $65

Hey that seems Funny. They want to make anyone applying for the reduced rate jump through a few hoops in order to qualify.

Hmm seems if you’re poor you have to fill out an application. let’s have a look at some of the qualifying questions our Humanitarian Gurus are demanding of their friends, the poor.

Considering sessions will use a participatory methodology, please demonstrate your interest or experience in addressing at least one session in the conference program.

Please demonstrate if you represent a voice that is underrepresented and that you feel needs to be heard or a community affected by any number of issues in the conference program.

Hmm that’s odd, based on these questions it seems as if they are screening would be applicants for “suitability” – must be a good reason for that.

Hmmm, might be hard for someone with a limited command of English to wade through this application. I also doubt that many of the marginalized in our society would even have the means to get to Niagara short of using their thumb, let alone have the conference fee, not to mention the scratch for a hotel.

Hey! I don’t know, but this whole process, oh I hate to suggest it, sounds discriminatory*!

That’s because it is. If you think for a moment that the majority of our Human Rights Rackateers would care to mingle with the poor and marginalized they claim to represent, think again. This is an elitist group think outing paid for with your tax dollars, the public will only be grudgingly admitted.

* Ironic given that Day 1 has a session devoted to expanding prohibited grounds of discrimination to include “Social Condition“.