Rock Against Racism? Those self-congratulatory concerts demobilised a generation.

More on civilizations death by Multi-Cult from Andrew Calcutt in – Spiked:


RAR not only reiterated the past, in another aspect its legacy has also helped to create a new problem. RAR was formed in reaction to on-stage remarks by the rock star formerly known as God – Eric Clapton – who said that ‘Enoch was right’. In his 1968 ‘rivers of blood’ speech, Enoch Powell had said that immigrants posed the problem of the age. Powell was completely wrong about the source, but he was on to something when he suggested that British society would lose its coherence. RAR supporters were right to want to fight racism, especially as British racism was intensifying in the 1970s, but its ethos either reinforced conservatism (as above), or anticipated the incoherent separation of ‘communities’ which has since been ratified as multiculturalism.


In a further irony, it was ‘communalism’ – separation along cultural lines – which Powell had witnessed in India (where the British encouraged it for the sake of ‘divide and rule’), and which he feared would spread to Britain itself. But communalism has not spread from India, as Powell erroneously predicted. Instead, in the name of multiculturalism, it has been grown at home by RAR’s former adherents as they undertook their long march into Britain’s public institutions. Here they have made a new role for themselves as mediators between different groups in the punky reggae party.

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