Mike Duffy redeems himself for Kerry election win prediction

Bumped: too good to miss;)

Mike Duffy of CTV interviewed Mark Steyn – Fabulous! Steyn lambasted the HRC’s. Duffy – who has clearly been brought up to speed on matters insisted Steyn educate the Canadian public about Richard Warmans antics with his buddies at the CHRC. Duffy is every bit as incensed about the CHRC scandal as Steyn. Mohamed “The Jew Hater” Elmasry also got slammed but good;)

Here’s the CTV link, watch it here;) Thanks Jan!

Update: Osh of Jack of Hearts has an earlier Duffy/Steyn video from Youtube – well worth watching for the background it provides on the CHRC scandal, Tanks Osh!

Send Mike Duffy an e-mail with your thanks! – A great reader idea!