Maclean’s, Ted Rogers, please don’t cave in to this

Ezra Levant thinks Mohammed Elmasry of the Canadian Islamic Congress is Canada’s Al Sharpton, in other words some kind of racial/leftist ideological hustler who creates or blows up scandals, and then seeks to get the figure of blame to pay him off, literally and/or symbolically, to make the scandal go away.

At Wednesday’s CIC press conference Elmasry’s p.r. sidekicks, the law students widely know in the blogosphere as “Elmo’s kids” or “Elmasry’s sockpuppets” sat quietly while some lawyer tried again to blackmail Maclean’s, to use the term that Jay Currie advocates. By again demanding that Maclean’s give up its property rights and publish an article by an author approved by the complainants, by demanding a “right of rebuttal” that has never existed in Canada, Elmasry and his homespun organization tried to regain the much vaunted victim position on the stage of Canada’s leftist political culture.

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