Kathy Shaidle on the Frontpage: Free Speech vs. Muslim Sensibilities

Free Speech vs. Muslim Sensibilities

Ezra Levant didn’t know it, but when the conservative Canadian activist and lawyer published the now-notorious “Muhammad cartoons” in his magazine, the Western Standard, in 2006, he launched a cultural counterinsurgency against political correctness and the creeping advance of Islamism in the Great White North.

In publishing the controversial drawings, which continue to spark riots in the Muslim world, Levant’s Western Standard became one of only two Canadian publications to do so. Not long afterwards, Canada’s oldest newsweekly, Maclean’s, printed an excerpt from the bestselling book America Alone, by their columnist Mark Steyn. The essay explored the implications of Europe’s changing demographic profile. As Steyn saw it, below-replacement-level birthrates among native secular Europeans, combined with the high fertility rates of the continent’s largely unassimilated Muslim immigrants, was creating a perfect storm on the continent.

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