Citizens Smackdown Anti-Semitic Cretin Greg Felton – but in a nice Canadian Way

Covenant Zone – Bizarro Performatism Background: Vancouver Public Library hosts Anti-Semite during “Freedom to Read Week”

“The audience, variously mad, offended, and true to truth, was often superb in playing, in a simultaneous mix of Canadian politeness and proper outrage, a variety of public ritual roles, exemplifying various solitudes of the Canadian mosaic (not the official mosaic of the “multicultural” state, but the real one of somewhat eccentric individuals), solitudes that showed their potential to create some greater esthetic whole when together in passionate dispute. For, notwithstanding the intellectual bankruptcy of the event, what we saw was a grand performance, from largely marginal or ordinary people, a performance that could not have been scripted or even imagined in advance.”

And no Human Rights Commissions were injured during this event…….

As Alan Borovoy has noted:

There is another reason for caution about the attack on expressions of hate: the importance of free speech. Although not absolute, free speech is the life blood of the democratic system. It is the vehicle by which aggrieved people can mobilize public support in their quest for redress. Injustice is not as likely to endure in an atmosphere of free public debate.

Well fancy that!

Kudos to Trupeers and the Gang at Covenant Zone.