Wanted – CHRC Whistle Blowers – Strike a blow for Freedom!

Do you Work for the Canadian Human Rights Commission, CHRC, or the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, CHRT? Want a safe, anonymous means to Blow the Whistle on em? Got incriminating documents to unload?

Just feel like makin mischief?

Blazingcatfur has an answer for you in Wikileaks.org.

You have to access it through this IP address route as the domain is currently not accessible:

Wikileaks lots of innerstin stuff up there.

Have fun, just don’t tell em I sent ya;)

NB: Wikileaks itself is under attack, your submissions will therefore be doubleplusgood!

Whistle while you work – The Guardian:

A secretive Swiss bank landed an apparently novel censorship blow against the internet this week. Anyone who tried to call up wikileaks.org, a global website devoted to publicising leaked documents, found themselves frustrated. The site simply wasn’t there any more.

NB: Wikileaks site is still up – use the backdoor provided above;)