Denyse O’Leary has to work with a really, really,really,really stupid person

Denyse O’ Leary has to work with Janet Epp Buckingham who plumbs new depths of stupidity with the following defense of Section 13 (1):

“Some people are using the mere fact that the commissions are considering the complaints to argue that they should be abolished. That is like saying that the courts should be shut down just because someone has sued me! Sure, it is a pain and it can be costly if you hire a lawyer to defend you. But that is what happens in a country where you have laws and courts. You may have to defend yourself against someone whose claim has little merit. Everyone deserves their day in court. ”

To date, this may be the single most stupid comment made in defense of Section 13 (1), edging out even Jason Cherniak for top honours.

Denyse was forced to vent or explode, here is her response:

SCREED: Why change is so desperately needed in Canada

Janet Epp Buckingham is hereby added to the Section 13 Supporters Dream Team: