Dear Ms Joan Bryden – Please Protect Warren Kinsella

Blazingcatfur’s letter to Joan Bryden:

Please Protect Warren Kinsella

Dear Ms. Bryden,

Thank you for your clarification regarding Stormfront & Keith Martin, it’s shocking that so many could think you were trying to do someone else’s bidding tsk tsk.

How about a follow up story on the efforts of Warren Kinsella, Jason Cherniak, Khaled Mouammar, and Mohamed Elmasry to gut the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by supporting the retention of Section 13 (1)?

Now we do not want to give the appearance that Mr. Kinsella is in any way linked to these extremists or otherwise supports their views in any way, cuz he clearly does not, so make sure you give lots of background on Elmasry and his conviction that all Israeli’s over 18 are legitimate targets for death, and don’t forget to mention Khaled’s involvement in that anti-semitic smear attack on Bob Rae’s wife at the Liberal convention.

Oh and while your at it and to be on the extra safe side, you should mention Cherniak’s extremist assertion regarding Christians : “Similarly, I’m sure that I am not going to be charged under the section for pointing out that Christianity calls for all non-Christians to be slaughtered in order to bring about the messianic age.”

Just for God’s sake don’t imply or otherwise suggest that Kinsella supports or is even aware that he has a real oddball group of allies in his fight to keep Canadians safe from Bathroom Graffitti.

I mean that Cherniak fella, he is clearly the most scariest one of all, you gotta make it clear Warren wants nuthin to do with that kind of scary extremist talk and that he’s just standin up for the rights of the little guy etc etc etc blah blah blah.

Ta Ta,


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