You know the tide has really turned on Section 13 (1)….

When even folks at agree that Section 13 (1) has got to go….

Quote: Originally posted by kropotkin1951:

“That could never be a breach it would only be a breach of the BC HRC if I said Catholicism, Sikhism, Islam etc etc etc is a steaming pile of shit. In the case of saying Catholicism is a piece of shit that might be fair comment (that is the lapsed catholic speaking) and more importantly woul;d be unlikely to have real consequences on catholics but if you insert Islam into the equation in the current climate of a crusading evil empire at war with Muslim “freedom fighters” throughout the world then it is far more serious to the people being vilified.”


You really truly believe that we should have the right to say that Catholicism is a “streaming pile of shit” (to use unionist’s lovely expression), but that Islam isn’t? Christians have been killed by Muslims and Muslims have been killed by Christians for millenia. Freedom of speech is a very recent (and obviously threatened) development.

I agree as well that there are human rights currently not being adequately covered, but we’re discussing freedom of speech here.

I cannot believe that people are supporting a restriction on the right to critisize religion!
Have you heard of some of the things done to women in the name of religion lately – Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, etc. are all guilty. Please dont’ support taking away my right to say that Islam is a bunch of misogynistic mythical crap.


You see, kropotkin, as far as I’m concerned, you are one of the most consistently engaged and progressive posters on this board. Yet even you can’t be trusted for one inch with a blunt weapon like Section 13 of the CHRA or Section 7 of the BC Code. Nor could I, for that matter.

Look at it again, please, and reflect. These laws must go.

OK Kudos to Babble, I don’t know that I have ever said that before..I mean I think their hearts are in the right place on this.

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