Deborah Gyapong: Deliver us from Mark Steyn –who will get the joke?

Deborah Gyapong: Deliver us from Mark Steyn –who will get the joke?

I have been reading Kathy Shaidle’s blog for years now. Most of the time she provides a great portal to some of the most interesting and outrageous material on the blogosphere. Every now and then she says things make me cringe, that I wish she wouldn’t say because they give her enemies ammunition against her. But most of the time, I admire her courage, her willingness to be herself, whether she is venting her anger, or telling us what she really thinks in a way that shatters the often absurd fortresses of political correctness.

I don’t know Kathy well–a couple of meetings over lunch in Toronto, some telephone conversations, some of which led to this profile. But I know her well enough to dismiss the accusations that float around that she is a racist or hates Muslims, even if she hates certain behavior carried out in the name of Islam. I abhor racism of any kind and if I knew Kathy judged people on the basis of their skin color or background and not the content of their characters , I would shun her.

I think Kathy Shaidle is among the most gifted Canadian writers alive today. Those who read her blog regularly, and there are thousands of us, are only getting a glimpse of her prodigious talent. In other words, if you have enjoyed FiveFeetofFury or Relapsed Catholic, then you will be blown away by her e-book Acoustic Ladyland or her earlier book God Rides a Yamaha.

The Rest… well deserved accolades for the Short Furious One