“Zionist Parasite” Author Demands Equal Time to Rebut Fever-Swamp “Anti-Zionist”

Wow this story has everything – Jews, Pornography, Nazis, Guns, Censorship and lots on the New-Anti-Semitism! And It’s All at The Vancouver Public Library!

With apologies to author Howard Rotberg . Trupeers of Covenant Zone has been following the controversy stirred up by the Vancouver Public Library over its decision to offer a forum for Conspirazoid Greg Felton during “Freedom To Read” week.

Felton’s racial theories are the “Plan 9 From Outer Space” of the Anti-Zionist crowd.

Howard Rotberg sent Trupeers this stirring letter, here’s an excerpt:

Instead of really upholding the rights of banned authors, you give credibility to a sick, anti-semite, who should not be dignified with the forum you give him.

It is time you understood where the demands for censorship and book banning are coming from – Radical Islam.

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Terry Glavin has more: Freedom-To-Be-Antisemitic Week In Vancouver. (Paul Whitney the Librarian in question bannned Against Pornography: The Evidence of Harm, but Allows Plan 9 Jew-Baiter Greg Felton to Speak hmmmm).

Terry does a nice job ripping into the propagators of the new Anti-Semitism – “Nowadays, perhaps especially among the urban intellectual caste, you cannot raise your voice against even the most foul antisemite, if that same antisemite uses words such as “Israel” or “Zionist” in the same breath as his other veiled utterances of Jew-hatred. You will be told that you are equating legitimate criticism of Israel with antisemitism.”

Dissident in Toronto has more on Greg Felton who makes a timely appearance.

Felton is everywhere!

I never knew Libraries could be this much fun! Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humour?

Reader Pongo sends this related incident along with the following comment:

However, freedom to read is not always upheld. Sometimes those from the ranks of the politically correct have their way. There was a case in 2000 of officials on the Toronto District School Board intervening to keep donated copies of the Hunter’s Guide, the manual for hunter safety training in Ontario, from going onto the shelves of school libraries. What follows is from the Toronto Star, March 18, 2000:


BYLINE: San Grewal and Lily Nguyen

A manual that shows students how to load, aim and fire handgunshas been sent out to secondary schools across the province.”I find it absolutely incredible, given the problems with guns in schools, that this type of literature could end up in the hands of children,” said Gail Nyberg, chair of the Toronto District School Board. ”It’s appalling.”

The instructions are included in one section of a 1982 guide, copies of which were sent out by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters last week.The guide was produced in co-operation with the natural resources ministry as required reading for anyone seeking a hunting licence, and was published with the co-operation of the (U.S.) National Rifle Association.’

‘On a weekly, if not daily basis, we get calls from students about hunting, wildlife and other things. We recognized that school boards lacked resources and we have an educational budget, so we sent them out,” said Mark Holmes, spokesperson for the Peterborough-based hunters and anglers’ group.

The 300-page colour manual includes sections on hunting ethics, wildlife identification, first aid and legal responsibilites. It also includes about 50 illustrated pages devoted to gun use, including diagrams of handguns, shooting positions and types of bullets.

A ministry spokesperson said officials were surprised when they learned about the mailing earlier in the week.”Irresponsibly, the (federation), without even consulting the ministry, has sent this out,” spokesperson Paul Demers said. ”We find it deplorable that (they) would go ahead without even consulting their main partners on the project.”Because the books were donated, the federation was under no obligation to consult with the ministry or school boards, Holmes said.”If schools don’t like it, they can just send it back.”Nyberg said the books will be returned.”

It’s a case of really bad judgment” to send the brochures to schools, said Liz Sandals, president of the Ontario Public School Board Association. The exception, she said, may be in Northern Ontario, where children are exposed early to hunting.”In urban areas . . . most of the kids clearly are not going out hunting on the weekend with dad.

“Holmes said children need to understand firearm use outside the TV context.”Whether we like to admit it or not, firearms are a part of society. This guide teaches safe handling and respect. It absolutely floors me that someone would correlate the information in the book with the misuse of firearms.”

So Responsible Gun Ownership Bad, Jew-Baiting OK! That’s today’s lesson.