Kazhars and Zionist Parasites: Not Antisemitism? So What Am I Allowed To Call It?

Terry Glavin comments further on his Vancouver Sun Op- Ed: Does our library know there’s another word for anti-Semitism? in this post: Kazhars and Zionist Parasites: Not Antisemitism? So What Am I Allowed To Call It?

“I have a few words of my own for it, but they’re not words fit for a family newspaper, so I’m just asking, is all, in today’s Vancouver Sun:

What is the right word for a book like Greg Felton’s “The Host and the Parasite: How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America”?

What is the right word for Felton’s thesis, which is that a Zionist “junta” was at work on Sept. 11, 2001, and that al-Qaida is a mere concoction in a secret plan to subvert the American Constitution, demonize Muslims and commit mass murder?

What do you call it when the Vancouver Public Library decides to present Felton, an apologist for the book-banning, journalist-jailing Iranian theocracy, as the featured author on the evening of Feb. 25, and as the library’s contribution to national Freedom to Read Week?

What are we allowed to call Felton, who traces his Zionist plot back to the 1940s, when these same Zionists made “common cause” with the Nazis to rid Europe of its Jews, and participated in the herding of Jews into Hitler’s gas chambers?”

What I wish to bring to your attention is the response to specifics of Terry’s piece by Trupeers in the comments.

At issue is this comment by TG: “The thing is, the mediated, arbitrated, and judicially-adjudicated resolution of conflict arising from the exercise of our right to free speech is not, and never was, merely a nanny-state intrusion brought about as an alternative to the marketplace of ideas.”

Trupeers response – Beats anything I could have come up with.

Trupeers blogs here – Covenant Zone