“Then Allah brought Hitler to rule over them.” – Sayid Qutb

Jeffery Herf: What Does Coming to Terms with the Past Mean in the Berlin Republic in 2007?

“Today, radical Islamists adopt a radical conspiracy theory about the “Zionist-Crusader alliance.” As with their predecessors, so in the contemporary version of this conspiracy theory, the United States, capitalism, and the Jews emerge as main actors. For the Nazis as well as today for the radical Islamists, New York and Washington, D.C. (then the Washington of Franklin Roosevelt, whom Hitler called “the mental patient in the White House,” now the Washington of the hate-figure George Bush) occupy a dominant role as metropoles of capitalism and Jewish power. While the Nazis claimed that Roosevelt was a marionette and “stooge” of the Jewish “wire pullers” who operated behind the scenes, today some critics of the war in Iraq warn of “Islamophobia” or of an “Israel lobby” that was responsible for the war in Iraq.

The conspiracy theories of the 1940s led to mass murder. Today, they offer a central legitimation for terrorist attacks. In both cases, for those who believe them, such notions present attacks on the Jews as justified acts of self-defense against the supposed aggression of the Jewish enemy. Then and today, among the Nazis and the radical Islamists, projection and paranoia unleash mass murder and terror. “

Hmm this has a familiar ring…

“Wherever Islam is fighting against imperialism, ‘The Left’ must join with Muslims in this fight. . . the Muslims of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine who are fighting on the front lines against imperialism.”

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