Idiots to the left of us…

Steyn Speaks on the Misinformed:


There is more than enough misinformation about human-rights
commissions and free speech flying around at the moment without your adding more of it. You speak of “the gross overreaching of human-rights commissions in hearing two high-profile cases involving journalists Mark Steyn and EzraLevant.”
It’s nothing of the kind. Complaints submitted to the bodies inquestion are being investigated as to their merits. That’s a screening process,not a hearing. (For what it’s worth, I predict that the complaints in questionwill be screened out.) The “gross overreaching,” it seems to me, is by the hysterics who want us to believe that freedom of speech is on the line.

I’ve no idea why The Globe And Mail didn’t stick it in the paper, but maybe it’s because it’s Dr Dawg who’s “misinformed”. In my case, we’re way past the screening process. Of the three “human rights” commissions to which the complaint was submitted, two have already accepted it and scheduled hearings: the federal HRC and British Columbia. Ontario has yet to decide. But the hearing in BC begins June 3rd.

Lap Dawg is losin it along with his little Master at the Post. Anyone failing to see the threat posed by Section 13 (1) has clearly not thought matters through.