Whack-Job Jack Layton – Sure Has Some Funny Friends

In the picture here is Alison Bodine, MAWO’s most famous activist, with New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton. I’m not posting it here to make Jack look bad. I’m not the one who presented Bodine as the featured opening-night guest speaker at last November’s British Columbia New Democratic Party convention. The NDP did.

I’m not the one who happily accepted Bodine’s transparently bogus claim that she was the victim of a government plot to “target” anti-war activists. I’m not the one who chose not to notice, two weeks before she got a standing ovation at the NDP convention, that her story had been exposed as rubbish.

It’s not as though MAWO’s blackshirt conduct and deranged ideology was unknown to NDP activists, either. And yes, I mean deranged: “Wherever Islam is fighting against imperialism, ‘The Left’ must join with Muslims in this fight. . . the Muslims of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine who are fighting on the front lines against imperialism.”

The rest. Terry Glavin is always a good read.