Why Afro-Centric Schools Will Fail

Explained by Babbler AfroHealer, (my what an odd choice of name), on Rabble.ca.

I don’t favour racist and whitesupremacist schools.

SO when the schools stop being racist, we will be happy to send our kids there. Until then we will continue the quest to provide a school system that respects all of humanity.
That unfortunately is a fact that you choose to be ignorant about.

It amazing how easily it is for white people, to accept attempts to model school system after anything, but African principles. Maybe you should go clean out your colonial mentality.

We (African Societies) have a long proud history of providing nurturing schools for multi-cultural societies. We were after all the ones, who taught the ancient Greeks about civilization, philosophy and science.

Unfortunately the mono-cultural colonial bastards, in their infinite racist stupor, did not realise that we were multicutural. Maybe because to them, we all looked alike.

I got a news flash for you, our universe does not revolve around white peoples wishes.
So we collectively don’t really give a damm what you think about our proposed solutions, to save the lives of our kids.

We will respectfully exercise our democratic right to ensure that our kids are not abused by the school system. If and when the school system learns to be respectful and nurturing we will be happy to teach the rest of the wider colonial western society how to have a truly inclusive school system.

In the meantime, we shall create a space, that everyones kids will be welcome to come to.
The universe does not revolve around white people.

Last time i checked, since we have minds, maybe we should try to talk about the thoughts and wishes of Africans for a change.

Or is the threat that we might actually have brilliant ideas, too earth shattering & mind blowing for some peoples white supremacist tendencies?