“Liberals are not always reliably liberal” – National Post Supports Keith Martin

Keith Martin’s good fight

Unfortunately, Liberals are not always reliably liberal in the best sense of the term. Mr. Martin has been challenged by some Liberal critics who want to know why he is proposing to proffer aid and comfort to potential preachers of hate speech, and Liberal leader Stephane Dion has apparently taken their side of the question, asking the MP to withdraw his motion voluntarily. In the view of these critics, any change in the law that might make it slightly harder for the government to take action against some neo-Nazi creep in a mildewed basement is a threat to the entire edifice of Canadian democracy.

It is nonsense to suggest that reining in human rights legislation, and leaving the policing of hate speech up to the actual police, would be some sort of treason to the legacy of Trudeauvian liberalism. Keith Martin should not be made to feel that he is committing sacrilege by treating permanent Charter values as more important than a particular federal statute. Indeed, he should be celebrated for doing it, and not just by Liberals.”

Excellent piece by the Post, would that its view were shared by others there;)