The price of ‘peace’ with the Taliban

The price of ‘peace’ with the Taliban

Canadians have to choose to stand with the Afghans who want the fight for basic human rights to reach into every corner of their country, or else shake hands with the devil

Terry Glavin, Special to the Sun
Published: Tuesday, February 05, 2008

“The idea of peace talks with the Taliban is gaining a great deal of traction these days as the perfect, Canadian way to stop the war in Afghanistan.

You have to admit it sounds awfully nice.

The problem is it would likely mean a human rights disaster and a giant leap backwards for the fledgling democracy Canadian soldiers have been fighting and dying to defend there.
It would also mean a power-sharing deal with thugs and criminals whom the vast majority of Afghans want nothing to do with.”

The whole thing.

This should be sent to Jack Layton personally, preferably attached to a brick.