Must Read Expose! – Want More Proof the Hard Left Is Crazy?

From “The Gatekeeper”

Inside the cult that runs the “Mobilization Against War and Occupation”

A key organizer within the most active “anti-war” group in Vancouver has spilled the beans in an open letter that confesses to several years’ worth of blackshirt behaviour and “mafia-type” depravity centred around the cult’s tyrannical, messianic Ali Yerevani.Ivan Drury’s account of his time with the groupuscule behind MAWO (whose poster girl and deputy commissar is the scam artist Alison Bodine) is a litany of assault, thuggery, e-mail hacking and all-round craziness. It’s a lurid tale of psychological torture, bullying, and idiocy.

But I must admit I did enjoy the part where Drury confesses to masquerading as a Muslim convert around local mosques.”

Excerpt From Ivan Drury’s Public Letter:

“Inside the group Yerevani is a tyrant who tolerates zero dissent to his absolute control.

“Discussions” in meetings consist of two or three hour lectures from Yerevani. “Democratic centralism” means agreeing with and enforcing his often arbitrary and mood swinging political rulings on the fly.

“Organizational norms” mean constant phone contact with him to receive constant marching orders on everything from speakers’ lists and the admission of ‘opponents’ to events, to which button to wear on which side of your coat.

No joke. These “norms” also address every aspect of personal life, like how to hang car keys, what clothes women members are allowed to wear, how to invite someone to coffee, how to flush a toilet. Yerevani actually (shortly before I left) forced every member of Y3WA to sign up on a schedule to clean the bathroom in his house every day for a month because someone had clogged the toilet! (OK, I’m ranting now.)”

Made my day. How bout yours? If you made this stuff up, they’d call you crazy.