Is Warren Kinsella Threatening Blazingcatfur With Legal Action? Proving….

Update: Lawsuit threatened against Blazingcatfur by Warren Kinsella

Warren Kinsella to me
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As you wish. We’ll use Ezra’s address for service, which we already have.


Warren Kinsella

I received the following e-mail from Warren Kinsella, or at least someone purporting to be Warren K, threatening me with legal action if I did not amend this post, “Are Liberals the New Nazis?”, in which he claims I am “…calling him a Nazi”. Is the original e-mail a hoax? We shall see.

Following is the e-mail I received threatening “Action”:

Warren Kinsella to me
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I am fair game for all kinds of criticism, but calling me a Nazi is actionable.

Please make the necessary changes, or I’ll be forced to tell my legal counsel to take action.


Warren Kinsella

This is RICH. My original post (below) mocks the simpleton’s logic employed by Kinsella and his “Winged Gasbags” demonstrating the weakness of their thinking and the fallacy of their primary argument against supporters of M-446, those he derisively refers to as “Freespeechers“.

The low tactic of “Guilt by Association” employed by Kinsella in his feeble attempt to link MP Keith Martin author of M-446 and his supporters to Neo-Nazi Boobs is indicative of someone who knows they have lost the war. The attempt, (if genuine), to intimidate me into silence by the threat of legal action does nothing to alter my opinion of Warren K & his dimwitted brethren.

Unlike others I believe in fairness, as I stated the e-mail may be a hoax by someone other than Warren K. I am willing to give Warren the benefit of the doubt, if he confirms that the original e-mail is indeed a hoax perpetrated against him I will take him at his word and will indicate so publicly on this blog.(NB. hitting reply does in fact address itself to Warren K’s public e-mail addy, of which I am familiar from prior correspondence).

If indeed you are the author of the above e-mail Mr. Kinsella I am instructed by counsel that should you decide to pursue a complaint you are to contact my solicitor directly – Mr. Ezra Levant.

I have reprinted the entire original post below so that YOU – The Jury of Public Opinion – may decide, Free Speech is precious so have at it!

Employing the Liberal logic being used against M-446 I surmise that Liberals are the new Nazis

The Liberals like the colour red

The Nazis liked the colour red

Liberal ideology is based on a cult of personality

Nazi ideology is based on a cult of personality

The Nazis opposed Free Speech

The Liberals oppose Free Speech

Coincidence? Hardly