An Open Letter to Warren Kinsella

NB: Do read the comments at Skippy’s, a bit of revisionism has evidently taken place.


Dear Mr. Kinsella,

I would really have liked to have written this to you privately, but given your habit of publishing the IP addresses of your critics, I thought better of it.

I know that my comment about Ezra Levant’s begging for crucifixion but complaining about the view was adorable. Really, I do. I published it for just that reason. My regular readers know that I’m a cutey-pie on no fewer than thirteen different levels.

You must have thought it was pretty cute too, because you used it as a title for a post on your widely read blog. I was actually kind of flattered by that, if for no other reason that it reinforces my privately held view that I rule the fucking universe.

What troubles me is that you used my work without attribution. I can understand why you didn’t link the article that the quote came from because it is in fundamental disagreement with everything you believe.

I understand how a famous political strategist and celebrity blogger with a hundred zillion hits might be afraid of presenting an article that disagrees with your point of view, particularly when that disagrement comes from someone who is read by about five people a day.

While I find it odd that you’ll link neo-nazi, white power websites to further your argument but not mine, I don’t expect the same “courtesy.” However, some kind of attribution other than “Quote of the week, spotted on a blog in a web-walk this morning. Classic.” would be nice.

Mr. Kinsella, you’re a political celebrity in this country and an Interwebs superhero. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you climb walls and shoot webs out of your wrists. You really shouldn’t be afraid of letting your readers actually read my argument if you’re going to cherry-pick quotes from it to further yours.

Please Don’t Sue Me,