When religion’s in the news

When religion’s in the news

Faith groups often voice outrage about unfair media reports, so scholars are trying to determine if the complaints are valid.

Zuberi said it’s a disservice to Muslims, and to Canadians at large, when reporters combine words such as “Muslim” and “terrorist.” Uh huh and what would you have the media call Muslim Terrorists? Zionist Plotters?

Hmmm A Ryerson Prof and a U Of T Prof are conducting this study. The results should be interesting.

  • Pongo

    Journalists often use terms interchangeably in a manner that is inappropriate. I get annoyed when I see stories in print about poaching where the journalist insists on using the terms hunter and poacher interchangeably. Poaching is a crime. A poacher is a criminal, a miscreant who is engaging in illegal activity. Hunting is a legal pastime. You require a hunting license and are subject to a plethora of regulations, closed seasons and bag limits. Using the terms hunter and poacher interchangeably makes as much sense as using the terms pharmacist and drug trafficker interchangeably.

    On this basis, I understand why some religious folk are a miffed at what they see as the use of the terms Muslim and terrorist in the same breath. There are Islamist terror organizations, Al Qaeda is a glaring example, but Al Qaeda and like terrorist organizations do not represent all Muslims any more than Kach and Khanane Chai represent all Jews.

  • Those are valid points on all counts. Without question when it comes to religion or for that matter confusing hunters with poachers the MSM is often entirely clueless. Much as I hate to agree with him El Masry may be right about the quality issue.

    Still I do fear the encroachment of political correctness more than the occasional error.