Muslims insensitive to Western Values – don’t like parades, or jokes

Cripes get a sense of humour fella’s
  • I was talking to a few mates about doing something similar when we have our carnival….

    Thats not due for another six months, but watch this space 🙂

  • Will do, sounds fun!

  • OT: I read a very sad article about what has happened to British pub culture now that smoking is banned. Instead of going out–as so many generations of their ancestors did–to socialize with their neightbours, old Englishmen now sit at home alone smoking and drinking and watching TV. It’s staggering when you think about it. I can’t imagine anything worse and more depressing than drinking alone like that, watching TV instead of chatting. And then I am reminded of the anti-smoking fanatic Adolf Hitler. Sixty years later, a form of fascism (in the name of “public health”) is destroying a very integral part of English culture.

  • That is scary Seraph and sad too. The Public Health Nazi’s are a vindictive lot. We will always have to contend with “Little Hitlers” unfortunatelay.