Divorce Court- Muslim Style!

Arab News – The Bizarre Files: Man Divorces Wife Over Plate of Spaghetti

MADINAH — A Saudi man divorced his wife because she gave a plate of spaghetti to their neighbor. According to a local newspaper report the husband found out his wife dared to give away food to a non-family member when the neighbor came to return the plate. Angry about the gross infraction of house rules, the man took the plate and reportedly broke it over his wife’s head. After assaulting his wife with a piece of flatware, the husband declared an end to their 8-year marriage. A Madinah court recently finalized the divorce.
That’ll teach a woman to be kind to her neighbor!

Ain’t Sharia Grand?

  • CW

    Did she have to pay for the plate?


  • is this for real?
    (wrinkled nose in disgust)

  • Interesting…

  • I don’t suppose it mentioned what type of spaghetti it was, after all if it was a decent brand then you can have some sympathy for the poor chap.

    But if it was ASDA own brand then no.

  • That is bizarre!

  • All you have to do to gain a divorce is repeat 3 times “I divorce The” – talk about expedient!.

  • A blessing in disguise….. she’s better off.