Moonbats at Montebello…

Blazingcatfur wishes to assure viewers that Moonbats were injured during filming.

Update: Terry Glavin has a hilarious post on just who is protesting.

“The Faceless Minions Of The New World Order”

A “recipe for transnational socialism,” blueprints for a top-secret superhighway from Mexico to Alaska, “master-planners” building a Trojan Horse that contains secret agents intent upon carrying off a coup d’etat, elaborately planned by a shadowy elite.

Ron Paul, Pat Boone, Connie Fogal, the John Birch Society, Maude Barlow, the Conservative Caucus: More convergence on the far left and the far right.

A subtle pattern begins to emerge. . .

  • Pick a fight with a riot squad, you deserve to get your ass kicked, I reckon.

    Had some fun with it over to my place just now.

  • JR

    “Moonbats” is right! What a sorry lot.
    Even sorrier though are the media nitwits who insist on giving them what they want – national and international close-up video coverage with no distant camera shots to show the pathetically small numbers of ‘protesting’ morons.

  • I agree JR, the problem is that the media themselves are sympathetic to this lot.

  • Can anyone explain to me why this lot thinks Montebello activities will end our sovereignity? One of the protest organizers told me about it last week, and it seemed quite bonkers. What’s the little fire behind all this smoke, if any?

  • Beats me Seraph especially in light of Terry Glavins post, I mean what the heck are they protesting? Whatever they wish to project I assume.

  • Heh… that video was a hoot… typical though… half the people there just to be there for the excitement.