Wanna do your bit for Peta? You sure about that?

H/T Ummah Newslinks – PETA raps Hamas TV over animal abuse

An American animal rights group censured the Hamas television station for showing a cat and two lions being abused.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, said Wednesday it would send a letter of protest to Al-Aqsa Television, which earlier this month broadcast a children’s show whose host was seen swinging and kicking a cat and then goading a caged lion.

Lets do our bit to help Peta, heck sometimes sending a letter just isn’t enough- Blazingcatfur recommends we take up a collection and send all Peta members to the ME.

Help Peta take direct action, when there they can chain themselves to “Rocket Launchers” in protest – We all Win!

Update- Covenant Zone – Catfight brewing between PETA and Hamas?