Jack Layton meets with natural constituency – 9/11 Truthers

In this vid Taliban Jack meets with the Toronto 9/11 Truthers – the beginning is funny, listen as a “reluctant to be interviewed’ Jack is repeatedly told by the Truther – “You’re not that good”;) Talk about speaking truth to power!

Jack then outlines the NDP’s plans to protest the upcoming Montebello North American Leaders Summit and the nefarious “North American Union“.

Jack keeps fine company, aside from the 9/11 truthers, also protesting the “North American Union” (The lefts latest BushHitlerJoos conspiracy theory) will be our old friend Zafar Bangash and the Leftwing Islamofascist apologists of the Canadian Peace Alliance led by none other than Sid Lacombe.

If the “North American Union” proposal existed outside the fever swamp minds of the Left I would be for it given who is agin it;) The merger of the Left & Islamofascism continues apace.

More on the unification of the Left & Islam here.

  • Well I’m not for the north american union. I’d not only be in the same country as Layton but also Hillary,

    that would suck

  • Hmmm that is a considerable down side! Thanks genslub3!

  • Anonymous

    Where was the outrage when John Manley Signed a Document with the USA to deny US soldiers Refugee Status in Canada if they fled the Iraq war .
    Chretien agreed to keep our Troops in Afghanistan so Bush could send US Troops to Iraq and inturn Bush would help Canada with the NorthAmerican security with homeland Troops and Coast Guard protection via Planes from Alaska to California.

    Jack Layton has aligned the NDP with CAIR and the Arar’s , and now we see CAIR is tied to Hamas and Hezballah funding along with human smuggling which netted 4 CAIR members a Federal prison term , plus the Holy Land Fund that Arar said he was to work for is now exposed as a bogus Charity used by CAIR to funnel donations to the IAP Terrorists in Palestine.
    Nihad Awad from CAIR is on a video at CTV where he praised Arar for getting $10 million of our money for Islamophobia by Canadians that led to Arar being tortured , but Awad is now linked to a 1995 meeting to use CAIR as a front for the IAP terror group to raise money.
    Arar fled Syria as a draft-dodger and suspected of ties to the Muslim Brotherhood terror group , Arar’s wife is a Orthodox Sharai-Law Muslim with ties to Palestine and was at a Pro-Hamas rally in Canada with Alexa McDonough that
    called the suicide bombers as Resistance Fighters against the Occupiers.

    Hezballah has put up their BillBoard in Windsor and claim they have the Right under our Charter as a Free-Speech issues.
    If Layton really wants to meet with the Taliban then lets see him send Libby Davies, Bill Siksay, Bill Graham, Scott Bryson , and George Smithermen and we’ll just sit back as see how long the Taliban will tolerate a group of homosexuals that offend Allah and should be killed under Sharia law.

  • It is a funny old world Anon.