Jack Layton meets with natural constituency – 9/11 Truthers

In this vid Taliban Jack meets with the Toronto 9/11 Truthers – the beginning is funny, listen as a “reluctant to be interviewed’ Jack is repeatedly told by the Truther – “You’re not that good”;) Talk about speaking truth to power!

Jack then outlines the NDP’s plans to protest the upcoming Montebello North American Leaders Summit and the nefarious “North American Union“.

Jack keeps fine company, aside from the 9/11 truthers, also protesting the “North American Union” (The lefts latest BushHitlerJoos conspiracy theory) will be our old friend Zafar Bangash and the Leftwing Islamofascist apologists of the Canadian Peace Alliance led by none other than Sid Lacombe.

If the “North American Union” proposal existed outside the fever swamp minds of the Left I would be for it given who is agin it;) The merger of the Left & Islamofascism continues apace.

More on the unification of the Left & Islam here.