Daily Express- Leo McKinstry

“Economics have little to do with the issue. The Left in Britain have seized on mass immigration and multiculturalism as a battering ram to destroy the society they despise. They once sought to change our country through economic revolution. That failed with the Winter of Discontent and the downfall of communism. But demographic change through migration has proved far more damaging.

“George Orwell once wrote: ‘England is perhaps the only great country whose intellec­tuals are ashamed of their own nationality. In Left-wing circles it is always felt that there is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman and that it is a duty to snigger at every English institution.’

“That is now precisely the mentality that predominates within the machinery of the British state. And our country is dying as a result.” Full Article.

H/T RelapsedCatholic

  • excellent blog
    i sometimes wonder how lonely i feel as it seems most whites are either guilted or self hating, but on occasion i come across an excellent web blog website like this and i am reminded that i am not alone

    the internet will be the whiteman’s racial and cultural salvation it is through the internet that we must find each other and educate one another to what is presently happening and what is on the horizon for our race

    it is for this reason that the internet is such a threat to the current anti-white forces worldwide and why they are trying desperatly to apply censorship and control over those pro-white websites that are such a threat to their plan to blind and eventually kill and exterminate the white race and cultural identity

  • Uh Anzio, you sound disturbingly like a “white supremacist”, I am not in the habit of deleting comments and will allow yours to stand, mre as an object lesson to others. This blog is not about white supremacy it is about kicking the crap out of Political Correctness, The Left & Multiculturalism. Blazing Cat Fur does not advocate discrimination on any grounds, especially reverse-discrimination. Frankly Anzio I suspect you are in fact a Leftist.

  • uh oh sorry blazing cat fur i was mislead i see now this is just another stupid meaningless nothingness weblog with no direction and no purpose (gee maybe that explains the lack of comments)

    i geuss that would identify yourself with a cat as you certainly come across as a weak limp wristed pussy for sure

    so feel free to remove this and my earlier comment, or maybe you will retain both to convince yourself people actually read your weblog

  • Thank you Anzio.

  • this is the problem with the championship of traditinal Western values – out of the woodwork comes all the freaks…


  • No kiddin RH, ah well maybe he’ll stick around and learn the difference.

  • Pongo

    Unless someone insists on leaving comments with profuse profanity or libellous drivel against an individual or group, their comments should be allowed to stand, unless they choose to remove them. I expect the caustic criticism I make of rabble/babble in general and certain individuals in particular causes screeching and grinding of teeth in the ranks of the slavish adherents of political correctness, but this is their problem.