Oh that Wudu that you do….does not strike me as a “Human Rights Issue”

Vancouver Sun – UBC Diversifies it’s washrooms

A washroom revolution is happening at the University of B.C.It will benefit nursing moms in need of a private space to care for their babies, practising Muslims who require a special washing facility to perform religious rituals, and transgendered individuals looking for a space that reaches beyond the traditional “male” and “female” division.

In May, Simon Fraser University in Burnaby became the first university in B.C. to include ablution, or wudu, facilities for Muslim students on its campus. Sana Siddiqui, president of SFU’s Muslim Student Association, said it wasn’t a matter of singling out a specific religious group for special treatment on the part of the school, but rather a recognition of a human-rights issue.”Certain facilities are necessary to be inclusive,” she said.

Actually Sana it is all about singling out a specific religious group for special treatment. Your need to wash was never denied you, this is yet another a made up “Human Rights” issue, same as the special needs of the Transgendered.

Human rights issues used to involve matters of serious import, Like this, or this, not make believe.