Oh that Wudu that you do….does not strike me as a “Human Rights Issue”

Vancouver Sun – UBC Diversifies it’s washrooms

A washroom revolution is happening at the University of B.C.It will benefit nursing moms in need of a private space to care for their babies, practising Muslims who require a special washing facility to perform religious rituals, and transgendered individuals looking for a space that reaches beyond the traditional “male” and “female” division.

In May, Simon Fraser University in Burnaby became the first university in B.C. to include ablution, or wudu, facilities for Muslim students on its campus. Sana Siddiqui, president of SFU’s Muslim Student Association, said it wasn’t a matter of singling out a specific religious group for special treatment on the part of the school, but rather a recognition of a human-rights issue.”Certain facilities are necessary to be inclusive,” she said.

Actually Sana it is all about singling out a specific religious group for special treatment. Your need to wash was never denied you, this is yet another a made up “Human Rights” issue, same as the special needs of the Transgendered.

Human rights issues used to involve matters of serious import, Like this, or this, not make believe.

  • Wait, wait, wait! Are they going to put the trannies in the same facility with the Religion of Peace?? This could actually have unintended benefit for society… Let’s give it a chance to prove itself!


    PS – For any lefty who thinks I just advocated the maiming or killing of the transgendered, I ask you why you think your precious Muslims would ever do such a heinous thing.

    PPS – My spell check doesn’t recognize “transgendered”, and frankly, neither do I.

  • Nah they are to receive a separate “safer” environment. Maybe the Transgendered crew was punchin the crap out of em;)

  • Pongo

    We have facilities for the Muslims on campus here where I work. The washroom facilities are located adjacent to the Muslim prayer room. I am fine with this. I have no problem with their need to make ablutions before prayers. However, despite having their own facilities, many of the faithful insist on using the regular washrooms. I do not think I am prejudiced that I find it disgusting to see people washing their feet and blowing their noses into the same basins I use to wash my hands before eating. There is nothing like finding dried mucus in a basin when you come to wash your hands before eating to spoil your appetite.

  • Pomgo that is so Ewwwwwwwwwwww, that it is being labelled a human rights issue is a joke.

  • Oh dear, Right Girl thought what I just thought. I had this amazing vision of trannies putting on make-up while real women nursed their babies and men washed their feet. Everybody was tolerating everybody else. Well, the men were looking only at their feet, but the trannies and the nursing mothers were chatting amiably. Tolerance, you know!

  • I was invited to a book launch at a swanky new Queen St. Sushi place. The place had gender neutral cubicles and an open concept wash up area – viewable from the restaraunt seating itself. Never went back, bad design ideas do not merit my patronage.

  • Ooh, I went to a nightclub like that! There was nowhere to escape unwanted suitors. My friend got chatted up by the sink. It was seriously creepy.

  • Yes I concur Seraph, it was the most miserable meal I recall. Nothing felt clean, and the lack of privacy was a complete turn off.

  • “Human-rights” issue? Good grief!

    It gets worse and worse..
    and that is seriously ick.. about the snot sinks..

  • Yes, we in Canada suffer under the cult of Multicult, it makes it very easy for groups to abuse the country.