Canadian “Anti-Zionist” Writes Moonbat Conspirazoid Screed for Iranian Press

Greg Felton has penned a lively piece of claptrap for Iran’s Mehr news agency:

Western media keep people uninformed and distracted

What a crock of SH*T this is. In the article he wails against the “Lobby” and Isramerica etc etc etc. Cheezus what is in the drinking water in Vancouver? Seems he has been around awhile however.

He is the author of “The Host and The Parasite

Here’s a snippet from one of the reviews on Amazon

“The book’s cover (see above) makes it clear that ‘Israel’s 5th column’ includes secular neo-con crooks like Rumsfeld and Cheney; Christian evangelical maniacs like Bush; and Jewish Zionist power players like Perle, Feith and Wolfowitz. Together, these people have torn up the American Constitution, dedicated America to endless war, bankrupted the country and endangered its security while cynically promoting the interests of a foreign power.

Here’s an interesting excerpt from a piece for the Canadian Arab News (H/T The Politic):

Israel’s willing executioners blindly follow the sociopath of least resistance

The Jews who perpetrate these atrocities do not kill out of any perceived military threat to Israel; they kill because they are steeped in a toxic culture of Jewish supremacy and anti-Arab hatred. They torture and massacre Arabs, starve them, toy with them, punish them for their birth, and they do so voluntarily, even eagerly, with unsurpassable malice and cruelty.

Like the Nazis, these are men and women who, faithful to their credo of racial superiority, consider the slaughter to be just. From at least the early 20th century, they have been possessed by “eliminationist” anti-Arabism, which was best expressed by David ben-Gurion in May 1948: “We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.”*

Ah well never one to deny Freedom of Speech, Blazingcatfur will keep an eye on this nutbar.

  • Gee, blazingcatfur, after taking the time to present my musings to your audience, the best you could do was hork up a hairball of knee-jerk insults and return to your litter box.

    If you object to what I say, at least demonstrate that you can understand my arguments and then try to point out an error——assuming you could, of course.

    Bad kitty! No treats for you.

  • Hi ya Greg, nice to have you stop by;).

    The filth of your work is self evident. There is no need to belabour the obvious, your work speaks volumes.

  • Just the sort of non-cognitive, cowardly effluvium I have come to expect from zionist thugs who have nothing intelligent to say.

    If you could find one error I expect you would point it out. The fact that you have not done so tells me that you cannot find any and are merely interested in denigrating points of view that you cannot or will not understand.

    Your intellectual dishonesty merely serves to enhance my arguments. Thank you.

    Now, go back to your litter box and create some more pungent prose.

  • Felton has been around for a while, he even has the respect of people like Zerbisias,
    go to to the comments here,and this is just one example of his rantings.