Panhandlers charged as man dies of stab wounds – calls it Homeless Stabbing In Toronto

Panhandlers charged as man dies of stab wounds

A man who refused change to a group of young panhandlers, then was attacked and stabbed repeatedly, died yesterday morning of his injuries.
After a night out in downtown Toronto with his friend, Ross Hammond, 32, was walking up Queen St. W. and Niagara St., near Trinity Bellwoods Park, when he was approached by four panhandlers in their early 20s.
A verbal confrontation quickly escalated into violence. Hammond was stabbed several times and his friend was physically assaulted.
“They (the panhandlers) were abusive, they were aggressive. Mr. Hammond and his friend took offence to it and it was a heated exchange and it certainly escalated very quickly,” said Toronto police homicide Detective Sgt. Gary Giroux.
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And Now for the take on this – note the Thread Title – Homeless stabbing in Toronto , let the Lefty dissembling begin!

Note how little effort is shown by many of the babblers to remember the real Victim and the Family, but also note that some sensible Babblers have come to the defense of the victim and the police. Let’s hope common sense wins the day on this thread (Yea I know, I may as well ask for a Pony while I’m dreamin). The sense of entitlement among many of the Babblers “defending this assault” is palpable.

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At this point how exactly does this cop know what happened? Was he there? If this was a fight just between two different groups who were otherwise identical would this cop be saying this? Seems as though he’s already made up his mind about their guilt, I guess they should be thankful he didn’t just execute them on the spot.


Just so everybody is clear I have a good knowledge of some of the people involved and their history of mental illness. CAMH is just down the road and Trinity Bellwoods park used to be one of the safer parks for homeless kids to bed down in. That was until recently. That was until self righteous condo owners who are new to the neighbourhood have taken it upon themselves to “take out the trash” as one prick told me.
Seeing these same people eating over-priced salad at Fresh and embracing progressive politics as a lifestyle make me want to scream. Oh yes help the poor and the homeless as long as I don’t have to see them.
As a final insult these same pricks who complain of “Crack” addicts are themselves doing lines of coke in the bathrooms of posh private member clubs just a few blocks down on King St.

Ah the Left! Ya can’t tell the victims without a program!

More from the Globe & Mail Here.

And more of the usual “Poverty Activist” Suspects way in Here.

  • Pongo

    A confrontation between a gaggle of aggressive panhandlers and two young men out minding their own business ends with one of the men stabbed repeatedly by the panhandlers. He later dies of his wounds. So far the only details are sketchy and from the Globe & Mail report. The whole story will come out in court once the police have carried out their investigation. Still, this is horrifying.

    I wonder who Bryant and Miller will try to blame for this. Maybe the young men who were assaulted are to blame. They should have just happily and passively handed over their money to the poor unfortunates who accosted them. As for the rabble/babble twits who insist on blaming the victims of this crime, I can only say I hope they experience aggressive panhandlers personally. I am not wishing for any of the rabble/babble crowd to be assaulted or murdered, mind you, but to be accosted by foul-mouthed, aggressive panhandlers is really no joy.

  • I lived in downtown Toronto and know 1st hand both how numerous & aggressive panhandlers have become. You can literally trip over them.

    Friends lived in a Co-Op 1 street down( they are hard core NDP incidentally) and they were quite happy to have fellow residents repeatedly call the Police to have the local drunks (principally natives in this case) removed- often the “homeless” in this case, would be found having sex in full view of the street and residents.

    We moved in part to get away from the panhandlers and drug dealers who had taken over the neighborhood.

  • Pongo

    I really do not care about the sex, race, ethnicity, etc. of panhandlers, drug dealers, drunks, etc. I have no qualms whatsoever about calling the police, not that I expect them to do anything about it. I used to live close to Gladstone in Ottawa. Skanky streetwalkers are out plying their trade day and night. I saw one doing a John behind the baseball diamond at a public park at 4:00 pm on a summer day.

    The Fabian Society types in Ottawa, like the Rebicks and Laytons in Toronto drone on condescendingly about the plight of these poor unfortunates, but honestly, were they ever to be confronted by members of the lumpenproletariat in person, they would be duly disgusted.

  • I agree race or sex is not the issue. We as a society make it too easy for people to live on the street. For many, we in fact, “kill them with our misplaced kindness”. Ask parents of a schizophrenic, who refuses to take medication, about laws allowing for forcible treatment. Their response will be quite different from the Rebicks and Laytons and Chows.

    I am reminded of the “Beaches” in Toronto – a wealthy & traditional Liberal/NDP riding and their recent attempt to block a local church from participating in the “Out of the Cold” program.

    We lived right off Church St. across from the 519 community centre, directly across the street from the 519, was a mental health drop in centre, so the homeless had reason to be in our hood. I saw good work being done but also a great many who simply used the “handouts” to continue their self destructive and or parasitic lifestyles.

  • Pongo

    A succession of Liberal governments in Ottawa has gone to ridiculous lengths to ensure that ordinary citizens are defenceless. It is a crime to carry mace or pepper spray to defend yourself, let alone a sidearm. So we are told to avoid eye contact, keep walking, etc. when confronted by aggressive panhandlers. Personally, I think a shot of pepper spray in the face would get the point across to the grubby panhandler who is pawing at you and demanding money that you want to be left alone.

  • It can get bad, I remember being followed into a Starbucks one morning at about 7:30 am by a hostile panhandler.

  • Anonymous

    listen, i knew ross personally. i had known him for years. he was a brilliant person, known for making people laugh and for bringing out the best in people. he was a fair man in every situation. these events are tragic and for anybody out there who i interested in defending the attackers, i say to you: put your damn political flags away. stop pretending to protect of the interests of those less fortunate. as far as i’m concerned, the only “less fortunate” in this case was ross. as for the thugs who attacked him, you’ll be forgiven someday, but i hope i have to wait twenty five years before i have to see your sorry faces polluting the streets of ontario again.

  • Thanks for this, bcf. I have a friend who owns a home in that neighbourhood, and I called her up to make sure she is okay. These were not “pan-handlers”, at least on this occasion. They were MUGGERS.

    I am incensed by comments about “self-righteous condo owners who are new to the neighbourhood”. People with the vision and guts to move that close to Parkdale are revitalizing the neighbourhood. And, incidentally, who in Toronto is “new” to Queen Street West? I seriously doubt that people who have always loved QSW and now have bought property there are taking it upon themselves to attack punks. Puh-lese. That’s not how people with their own jobs and real estate operate, M’kay?

  • Yes Seraph it never ceases to amaze me that so many on the Hard Left harbour such asinine views.