No parents or students turned up.

UPDATE: Few attend meetings on school safety

This meeting cost taxpayers $489,000.00 Dollars and no one cared to show. Cheezus!

The Star – Candid Jane-Finch youth enliven school safety hearing, but no parents or students of C.W. Jeffreys Collegiate, the school where Jordan Manners was murdered, bothered to turn up.

Almost every person there yesterday belonged to an organization: a social worker, a politician of some kind, or a journalist. One speaker pointed out late in the day that Manners’ “death is being used by everyone with a cause.”
Olivia Chow marched in with Greg Stokes, Manners’ uncle, and announced an initiative to prevent youth violence.
Two young men from the Toronto Youth Cabinet called for more consultations with youth.
Two experts on sexual assault called for more teacher training on the issue.
No parents or students turned up.

“The parents of youth most affected – most disenfranchised – are not going to be very comfortable with a public setting,” Falconer told reporters, adding many parents were spoken to privately.

All the usual suspects turned up offering the same old bullshit “remedies” .

Maybe no parents or students turned up because they don’t care. Maybe they know what the real problems are, maybe they know that the real cause, “The Elephant in the Room” -Single mothers “raising” out of control children, won’t be helped by more Basketball Courts. Or as one young man who did turn up said regarding yet another “Mentoring Program” :

“I remember a program like that. It sucked.”