Jihad Unspun back in the news

CTV – CD-ROM tracks hatred and terrorism websites

A new study lists a white supremacist website and an online jihad group as two of Canada’s most problematic sources of hate and terror on the Internet.
The Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies’ Digital Terrorism and Hate 2007 CD-ROM report is an international effort involving researchers in Los Angelas, Toronto, Jerusalem, Paris, New York and Buenos Aires. It compiles more than 600 of the world’s most troubling websites.
The final list was culled from a list of close to 7,000 problematic websites, blogs and newsgroups, as well as YouTube and other user-generated video sites. It was released Friday in Vancouver.
Among the worst in Canada is a website calling itself B.C. White Pride and another, also from B.C., known as
Jihad Unspun.

Khadija Abdul Qahaar aka Bev Giesbrecht is sadly a Canadian, as for the Neo-Nazi’s, well better that we keep them where we can see them.

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