Just say no to Walmart

H/T Dona Nobis Pacem

Teens at Work

Thousands of adolescents work as unpaid baggers in Wal-Mart’s Mexican stores. The retail giant isn’t breaking any laws—but that doesn’t mean the government is happy with the practice.

NB: Evidently this was an established practice among retailers, in place prior to Walmarts arrival. Still I do not shop at Walmart. I am fortunate to be able to vote with my wallet.

  • Interesting! I haven’t boycotted Wal Mart yet, but stuff like this is troublesome!

  • Unfortunately they are such a large organization that a lot gets missed by their management.

    1)Illegals have been used by contractors to build domestic Walmart facilties.

    2) Illegals used by contractors to clean Walmart facilities.

    3) Sued in numerous US States for unpaid labour.

    4) Continued accusations of swaet shop labour practices used by suppliers throughout the 3rd world.

    And now this, on the one hand they are observing what might termed an accepted retail practice however I would not want to be their PR firm;)

  • Rood

    Hmm…so now Wal-Mart can convince poor Mexicans to work for free? I wonder why they do it? Perhaps there is more to this story (as there usually is when people attack Wal-Mart)…it seems likely that these poor kids actually do get something out of the deal, or else why would they work? human nature is still human nature after all…

  • They receive tips for their efforts, evidently this is an accepted practice in Mexico- still the optics are bad for Walmart.

  • They get tips, but no pay? Hmmm, sounds like waitresses in Montreal, with the minimum wage for wait staff at nearly HALF what regular employees make, because they get tips…


  • RG it is a tough call, I am reluctant to slam them on this one without all the facts, and yeah waitresses get a bum deal too. Still bad optics as always for Walmart.

  • Rood

    Perhaps, but last time I checked Wal-Mart seems to be doing alright even despite the bad press…they made more money than Saudi Arabia in 2005…

  • And probably didn’t fund any jihadis in the process!


  • 😉 Good points TG & Rood