Haroon Siddiqui still misses point on Islamic terrorism

Haroon Siddiqui offers his latest Islamofascist apologia – this one is silly even by his standards

Confront roots of terrorism, not just the symptoms

Terrorism by Muslims is real. It cannot be wished away. The only debate is how best to tackle it.

The War on Terror has vastly increased terrorism, empowered radicals, strained America’s relations with much of the world, and diluted our own democracies.

Many intelligence services, think-tanks and an increasing number of governments now see a clear link between the terrorism and the wars in Iraq, the Israeli Occupied Territories, Afghanistan, etc.

Those who disagree ask: What about Muslim-on-Muslim violence? After all, Muslims are the biggest victims of terrorism. Sunnis and Shiites are killing each other. So are supporters of the Islamist Hamas and the secular but mostly Muslim Fatah.

And what of “Islamic terrorism,” “Islamist extremism,” “radical Islamism,” etc.? Al Qaeda does exist, as does Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia. So do dozens of other violent groups. They wage jihad against the U.S., Israel and Western allies, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan.

Some imams spout hate for Christians and Jews from the pulpit. Neither the militant groups nor such imams can be ignored and, in fact, are not.

Still, we must ask:
Why have such outfits and individuals emerged in recent years? Why do they find traction? And why is intra-Muslim violence mostly confined to occupied or wartorn lands? Two answers are given.

Violence is part of the genetic makeup of Muslims. (First I have heard of this one Haroon, you’re still makin stuff up I see. However I would argue that Jihad is certainly “genetic” to Islam)

Or we are seeing the blowback of contemporary geopolitics – the U.S. backing of Islamic jihadists in Soviet-occupied Afghanistan, the drawn-out Arab-Israeli dispute, the two Gulf wars, the economic sanctions, the ever-present politics of oil, and the widely perceived American double standards.

Haroon please read this: Exploding the Myths of Islamic Terrorism

Third, many would have us believe that terrorism is caused solely by Western foreign policy, especially the Iraq War. In the wake of this week’s attempted bombings, however, a remarkable article appeared in London’s Daily Mail which provides valuable insight into the minds of radical Muslims. According to the article, written by a former fanatic, Hassan Butt, British Muslim terrorist groups “laugh in celebration” when pundits say that the sole cause of terrorism is our foreign policy. According to Butt, although Western foreign policy did anger him, “what drove me and many others to plot acts of extreme terror within Britain and abroad was a sense that we were fighting for the creation of a revolutionary worldwide Islamic state that would dispense Islamic justice.” (emphasis added)

These terrorists are not just retaliating against unpopular policies overseas. Even if every last Westerner left the Middle East, these radicals would still pursue their worldwide Islamic State. Their goal stems from a particular understanding of Islam that has won adherents around the world. These Muslims believe that it is God’s will for them to conquer the whole world, by violence if necessary. In light of the violence they have perpetrated, can there be any doubt that ideas have consequences? It is past time to confront the violent ideas of many Muslims.