Haroon Siddiqui misses point on terrorism

Haroon Siddiqui is The Stars resident Islamofascist Apologist here’s the gist of today’s column.

British PM misses point on terrorism

By attributing terrorism to Al Qaeda, Brown makes the same mistake, or indulges in the same trickery, as Blair and all those who harp about “Islamic terrorism,” or “Islamic-inspired radicalism,” or the “Islamic threat.” (Gee Haroon, not all terrorists are Muslim, however most terrorists are Muslim – how do you square that?)

In doing so, they gloss over the real causes of Muslim terrorism: Iraq, Afghanistan, the Palestinians, Chechnya and contemporary Western collusion with oppressive Muslim dictators.
There’s no not dealing with the killing fields of our making in Muslim lands. Otherwise, we condemn ourselves to a future more uncertain and fearful than the present. (Haroon, Muslim on Muslim sectarian violence is the real killing field, how disingenuous of you to ignore the atrocities of the Taliban in Afghanistan., the vile regimes of Iran and Saddam, the terrorists of Hamas & Fatah. Islamofascism and the State go hand in hand throughout the regimes of the Middle East. That Islam is an oppressive medieval death cult is not our doing).