Son of Feminism & Justice The Way

Hard to believe it’s possible but it gets worse. Seems the Innocence of the Duke University Boys caused a major meltdown among the feminista’s at Babble (see earlier post). So much so that Michelle the Dhimmi moderator called a time out and cranked up a whole new thread to address the injustice of it all.

Enjoy the latest episode of Feminists at Work, all our favourites show up, Michelle the Dhimmi, Bigcitygal – Official Babble Race-Baiter, Remind the Unmedicated and a host of others:

Topic: This board is really unwelcoming to anti-racist people of colour.


“I’ve reviewed what happened over the weekend while I was away sick. I see that a lot of feminists were very unhappy with what happened in several threads, and it was kicked off by the Duke rape thread.

I also see something else that is happening. We have very few anti-racist people of colour posting on babble. Those that we have, including bigcitygal, are marginalized, isolated, taunted, and basically treated like shit by privileged men who think it’s their right to trample all over whatever discussion and analysis that women of colour and their allies on this forum are interested in having.

bigcitygal tried to really talk about the Duke rape case from an anti-racist feminist point of view, and she was completely pilloried in that thread. I’m incensed at this. I’m incensed at myself for not stopping it, and for not even completely recognizing it.”

Bigcitygal is not an anti-racist person of colour, she is a race-baiter on the order of Sharpton or Shabazz who was called out for insisting the Duke Boys were guilty, guilty, guilty no matter what the facts said.


“We will disagree about what “really” happened, but those young men were not innocent by any account. (Rape can happen, by the way, without vaginal penetration and without a penis doing the penetrating. Think about it.)”

More Solomon like wisdom from Michelle:

Originally posted by Boze:

For remind to imply that every man accused of rape is guilty is misandrist, can’t you see that? I am not denying rape or denying anyone’s experience when I say that.”


“Oh no you don’t. You don’t get to take this thread and use it to start attacking feminists on babble again. That is most certainly NOT what this thread is for. This thread is to discuss the way this forum has been unwelcoming to anti-racist people of colour, and now you’re calling babble feminists “misandrists”.

A final word from Remind the Unmedicated:

“Another reality is that women and POC, who refuse to be silenced, are seen as being aggressive, antagonistic, or racist and sexist in their own right. Some, perhaps many, fail to see the refusal to be silenced, as per the societal conditioning dictates – imposed upon us from birth – is really assertive behaviour and not aggressive, antagonistic or taunting behavior.”

Uhmm could be, but I suspect it really has more to do with your being an ill-educated left wing Harpie.