The Rushdie Knighthood Issue from a UK perspective…

Salman Rushdie – sorry Sir Salman Rushdie (Courtesy The Lone Voice):

“As for the veiled(sic) threats of suicide bombings, well there are enough mad ass mullahs out there trying to encourage the gullible to strap on a vest and blow themselves to paradise – strange how the mullahs and immans never blow themselves apart can some moslem explain that one to me? – it just looks like Salman is a convenience excuse to justify bombings and throw their moslem toys out of the pram the usual mad ass jihadi nonsense.

Best post I have seen on this was this one…No Shit

Title: Muslim world inflamed by Rushdie knighthood.

Other titles they could have used:

Muslim world inflamed by Sun being center of Solar System
Muslim world inflamed by women who smile
Muslim world inflamed by Earth being on a 23 degree axis tilt
Muslim world inflamed by batteries being low in their camcorder as they tape their Jihad video
Muslim world inflamed by 8-track tapes”

Lady Rushdie…. (Courtesy Theo Spark):

  • I don’t understand why Rushdie was knighted in the first place…

  • Me neither but is sure ticked of the Islamofascists so I say it’s a good thing!

  • I love the fact he was given a knighthood, it winds the hell out of the moslems…

  • Who are they to dictate who gets a Knighthood… deserved or not?! Getting more and more addled.

    But happy to see it’s not our flag being burned, for a change. gotta spread the love, ya know.