Gotta hate this idea – Zafar Bangash Honoured…Ewwwww

Licia Corbella savages Zafar Bangash and deservedly so in todays Calgary Sun – Gotta Hate this idea:

“A man who once described Canada — his adopted homeland — as a “fully paid-up member of the Anglo-Saxon mafia” is being honoured tomorrow evening following a two-day meeting of the Canadian Arab Federation at Toronto’s City Hall.

Besides calling Canada the mafia, on Sept. 16, 2001 when all of us were still reeling from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, Bangash, while denouncing the killing of innocent civilians, wrote the attack “was most likely a successful attempt by one of America’s many victims to hit back very, very hard.”

Bangash, who in his writings refers to the vast majority of Canadians — that being non-Muslims — as “kuffar or kufr”, which means non-believers and infidels, calls on all Muslims to either commit and “prepare ourselves to make the kinds of sacrifice that were required of Ibrahim (sacrificing his son) … or we rely solely on material resources and sink to the level of the kuffar,” (Feb. 2004).”

We of course all remember Zafar Bangash – he was a featured speaker at: History’s Losers Unite a Festival of Treason (Marxism 2007 conference). More here & here.

In Canada if you are a terrorist supporter or otherwise an Islamofascist apologist you get honoured. Canada I weep for thee, read the whole thing.

Update: Darcy of Dust my Broom has more on Bangash and also Ehab Lotayef the man behind the Chapters-Indigo Jew Baiter Boycott